Ian Richards pointing to a sill intruding Marjum Formation (Middle Cambrian) at Notch Peak, west-central Utah.

Our students are a special bunch! They get to map geology in some beautiful parts of the country, determine mineral compositions and stable-isotope compositions in the great facilities at UT, and perform elegant mineral–fluid experiments at the world-class Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They have a broad base of mineralogical and petrological experience. I am fortunate to have known and worked with these geologists.

Cara Thompson, Mike DeAngelis, Kathleen Lordo, and Kelly Plummer in the Toquima Range, Nevada

Theses, dissertations, and senior presentations

Chad NovackMS 2015Experimental Limestone Dissolution and Changes in Multiscale Structure Using Small- and Ultra Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Carissa Snyder MS 2012Metamorphic Phase Equilibria in a Contact Aureole: Tres Hermanas Mountains, Luna County, New Mexico
Michael DeAngelisPhD 2011Experimental Investigations of fluid–mineral interactions in Olivine and Dolomite
Andy FoyBS 2009Characterization of alteration zones within the Webster–Addie ultramafic body, North Carolina
Stephanie NicollBS 2008A sillimanite–garnet–biotite assemblage from New Hampshire
Abi StephensBS 2006Sr-rich feldspar from the Panamint Mountains, California
Cara ThompsonMS 2006Hydrothermal Diamond anvil cell studies: a possible new calibration mineral and applications to the hydrous-carbonate mineral, Nesquehonite
Kelly PlummerMS 2006Contact Metamorphism of Calc-Silicate Rocks in the Belmont Contact Aureole, Central Nevada
Michael DeAngelisMS 2005Experimental Investigation of the Breakdown of Dolomite and Isotope Transport in Rock Cores at 100 MPa, 650–750 °C
Milo CameronMS 2001P–T history of the Cullowhee Gneiss, North Carolina
Ian J. RichardsPhD 1994Role of Fluids during Mesozoic Metamorphism near Lone Mountain, Nevada
G. Landon DavidsonMS 1994Tectonometamorphic history of a portion of the eastern Blue Ridge, Cullowhee, North Carolina
Thomas S. HelmsPhD 1991Tectonometamorphism of the Proterozoic Rocks in the Southern Black Hills, South Dakota
Peter SouzaMS 1991Fluid-Rock Interaction during Mesozoic Metamorphism of the Proterozoic Noonday Dolomite and Johnnie Formation, Panamint Mountains, California
Jonathan NovickMS 1987Metamorphism of the Weeks Limestone, Notch Peak, Utah: The Low-Grade Reactions and Fluid Inclusions
Randal L. KathMS 1986Petrology of the Contact Metamorphic Rocks beneath the Stillwater Complex, Montana: Conditions and Assemblages of Metamorphism

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